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Salt Cave Systems works in very close cooperation with European company Krysztalowy Swiat.It's is the only European company which offer its clients products to perform interior salt design such as: Crystal Salt Chamber, Salt Grottos, Salt Caves, Saline Graduation Towers, Salt Plates®, Salt Puzzles® and Salt Panels® to saunas. Krysztalowy Swiat holds all necessary patents and certifications for their products.



All products that we offer are of the highest quality and accurately imitates the micro climate prevailing in Wieliczka Salt Mine Underground Rehabilitation and Treatment Center in Europe. All projects are of unique appearance; their structure allows the creation of distinctive rooms, whose whiteness and/or multi-color illumination foster relaxed mode, possible enhanced with the contemplation of music.


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SALT PICTURES: Thanks to their unique aesthetic values, our Salt Pictures give an additional shine and a touch of good taste to every single interior, even when used only as small components of the decoration.



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SALT PANELS are thoroughly designed by our experts to fit nearly every sauna type. Their innovative structure and manufacturing process was fine tuned patented before they were introduced to the European and world markets. Their properties enrich the air in sauna with micro elements contained in salt, which positively influence well-being and health of sauna users.


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SALT PLATES made of natural crystals of rock salt give fantastic visual impressions of beautiful nature, excellent work, charming coloring and also have a positive effect on your health.



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SALT PUZZLES With a countless number of combinations of 22 different patterns of SALT PUZZLE pieces, you can create your own, unique picture, which can be further expanded and changed with no limits!




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