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Crystal Salt Chamber is product of the highest quality, perfectly imitating the micro climate of Wieliczka Salt Mine Underground Rehabilitation and Treatment Center. They are fruit of many years work of our most experienced engineers, technicians and doctors.salt_cave



Thanks to patented, self-invented technology we are able to come as close to the nature as possible and satisfy our most demanding customers' needs.






Micro climate of our Salt Caves is the same, or even exceeds those prevailing in other facilities made of salt.



Basic advantages of Crystal Salt Chamber:

•Walls can be covered with Salt Plates® according to our clients' needs
•The technology requires only 10-15 cm of space on all sides of the room
•Salt Plates® can be assembled to optional height (the standard is 250 cm)
•All walls can be illuminated from inside, thus increasing decorative properties, giving out an emission of warmth, which enhances healing qualities of salt.
•Possibility to use 5 colors of salt (white, gray, pink and such unique colors as: blue and green)
•The Crystal Salt Chamber can be disassembled, and moved to another location
•It´s possible to create various patterns on the walls
•We provide you with rich interior design options, including wood elements, cascades, inside and outside illumination systems, air conditioning and ventilation systems, sound and monitoring systems and playgrounds for children
•It´s possible to make ceilings imitating drip stones, characteristic of natural caves (stalactites) and old pit shafts' timbering
•Wide application in treatment of the following diseases: respiratory system problems, allergies, neurosis and depression
•Improved well-being, due to micro elements contained in air

Here are some ideas on what you can do with our products:


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