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Welcome to the world of crystals

Salt Cave Systems has designed and built salt caves in Europe for many years. Our company brings revolutionary technology that uses prehistoric rock salt and modern technologies into our everyday salt_cave_puzzleslife. Thanks to very good cooperation with European company Krysztalowy Swiat we can offer you the best quality salt products that are fully patented and certified.

The Salt cave is the room which is, specially altered to mimic its natural form. This salt cave offers our clients not only very pleasant environment for relaxing but, thanks to microclimatic elements, it is also able to create special and healthy atmosphere which is used as a therapy for many diseases.

Complementing this space by relaxing music and color effects is very beneficial to the body, as well as the psyche of man. Today, Salt Caves are being used for rejuvenation and treatment for certain aliments. Going into Salt Caves is a great way to allow your body to naturally absorb magnesium, calcium, iodine, iron, and potassium. Salt has been proven beneficial in clearing up lungs from phlegm and mucus as well.

The most important aspect of our Salt Caves is that you can have it virtually anywhere. It could be unused basement room, walking closet or any other place where you could sit, relax and breathe natural fresh air that supplies so many elements beneficial for your body. There are only three salt caves in the United States - one in Chicago, one in Florida and one in the Rose City, OR, which is built of products manufactured by our supplier. Now, thanks to our innovative technology, you can even have your own salt cave in privacy of your home.


The aim of SALT CAVE SYSTEMS is to bring to market a therapeutic Salt Cave, constructed with special, natural technologies, which is protected by European and American patents. Our team of experts is specialized in every area of building Salt Caves and is able to react flexibly to all requirements of our clients. Our planners, designers, builders and management guarantees the highiest quality of services offered.

We are prepared to transform your cellar or any other room into the Salt Cave. You and your friends are going to be certainly satisfied with it. Each Salt Cave is original and extraordinary because we approach each project by tending to the individual need of our customers. We are particularly proud of the high customer satisfaction with our products and services.



Our company offers a comprehensive package of architectural interior space solutions for every need.  Imagination, innovation, modernization, high quality service and professionalism are key words of our philosophy.

We design and build Crystal Salt Chamber, Salt Grottos and Salt Caves. We furthermore make interior designs using salt. We execute our orders on the highest possible level, providing our clients with efficient and prompt installation. All the inquiries and questions will be promptly answered in the most proffessional manner.